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We are a company that provides professional services with a narrow focus on Privileged Account Management (PAM).

We primarily specialize in the CyberArk PAS (Privileged Access Management) and HashiCorp solutions, because we firmly believe they provide the best tool-sets and frameworks for getting the job done.

We deliver
enduring results


We can help develop your PAM strategy, roadmaps and executive briefs on ROI. Whether you're looking to define what are privileged accounts, or create plans for how to be victorious in your compliance & security battles, while executing security best practices - you've found the right team to help you.


Need to figure out how to migrate from an existing PAM solution, or which solution is right for your organization? You've come to the right place.

We have deep insight into the challenges you will face with your deployments, and can help you avoid them.


Whether you need a wizard to help you with that tricky PSM connection component, the automation of a process to on-board SSH keys, or to reinforce your depleted forces in operations while they focus on project work, Bannermen will answer the call of duty.


Yes... we will provide you with the best technical documentation money can buy. We have observed over and over that one of the keys to the success of any project or undertaking is up-to-date concise documentation. Our scrolls are legendary.

We can provide the following services

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  • Onsite or remote engagements and staff augmentations
  • Full architecture of the PAS platform
  • Strategy and roadmaping of the deployment in a phased manner
  • Installation of CyberArk PAS platform
  • Optimization of the CyberArk PAS platform
  • Development of custom CPM plugins and PSM Connection Components
  • Automation of the account on-boarding process

  • Regular Health Checks of your PAS environment
  • Disaster Recovery design and testing
  • Creation of documentation for your environment
  • Training of your staff in the CyberArk PAS platform
  • Integration of the Application Access Manager (AAM) for Operations
  • PAM project management
  • Helping with Audits and helping you be Compliant

Bannermen - your pledged professional service partners.

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